Ken Aoki excavation story
 Ken Aoki highlight the time lost in the history by their incomplete shape and situation that are consistento with trousseau.
For example,a work titled”Relics of Cups”,which looks sa if cups dug out of a kiln that has long been unused accumulated,suggests romanticism to relincs that are exposed to peoples’eyes.
Digging old kilns reveals ancient pottery making,industrial structures,and peoples’lives in old days through excavated relics and integrates the culture and the process into history.
 Many of relics handed down from generation to generation are things that were considered valueless in old days.They are used daily,thrown when  they become useless and replaced by the new one after another.
Of huge amount of such things that have been destined to be thrown away and buried deep in the soil ,only a few are dug before they decay and remain as historic relics.
Of course,most of them are broken and the original shape is gone. However,later generations exercise imagination to picture past splendors of them imagining their long weather beaten time.
 His other kiln-fired works include spheres with cracks,an open hole,or foreign materials…They are not perfect enough to be credited, and should be thrown away as defective items.
Such things have been buried in dug holes,accumulated over and over,broken into pieces,and returned to the soil. Saying”pick up unformed items”,he collects distorted ceramic spheres and small ceramic pieces thinking about many destinies that are born to be
pushed to the margin of the society failing to see the light of the day and disappear without being noticed. Then,we ask ourselves if we may be part of them or not. Aoki’s world switches on a device to remind us of destinies of things that are lost in the time ticking away.
Art journalist
Kazuhito Fujita